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Debt recovery can usually mean a lot of headaches. But not with us.


GSL will act on your behalf throughout the entire process. Everything from paperwork and negotiating, to court proceedings and more, is handled by our expert team. 


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Don’t wait when it comes to recovering debt:

What does our Debt
Recovery process cover?

Recovery plans

Our lawyers know what works when it comes to recovering debt, and we have a thorough process for doing so.

All communications

We will handle all communications and paperwork with your debtor so that you do not have to.

Court proceedings

In particularly difficult or complex matters, we find that a formal court proceeding will work best.

Insolvency matters

If your debtor has gone into insolvency, there are still a range of options for you to take.

You are not alone in these tough times

We know it can be difficult for business owners to deal with the pains and headaches involved in recovering debt.


You are not alone. The expert team of lawyers at GSL are well versed in debt recovery and truly understand how it impacts you and your business.


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More about Debt Recovery Law

a. Debtpol and GSL together provide much needed Debt Recovery assistance for businesses to recover debts.


b. We offer all clients with free credit applications, free effective demand letters and ongoing advice on streamlining debt recovery processes.


c. Debt recovery fees are charged based on success.

d. If legal action is required to recover debt, legal fees are charged based on success if the hearing(s) are not defended.


e. All disbursements are payable.


f. We have a high success rate of debts collected.

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Guner Hussein


Guner is an accomplished Solicitor and Registered Migration Agent with a history of success in a variety of simple and complex Debt Recovery matters. Guner currently serves on the boards of various not-for-profit organisations and volunteers for a human rights organisation. 

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Don’t wait when it comes to recovering debt: