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Terms of use of the GSL website

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GSL operates from Victoria, Australia. We do not and cannot provide legal advice under international jurisdictions – we only advise under the relevant Australian Federal or State jurisdictions.


Any advice on our website or resource materials (for example, any checklists) is not intended to be legal advice in any way. All website content, including resource materials and blog posts, are to be considered general advice only.



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Our service

GSL operates as a Migration Agency (LPN: 5512271) and our services involve advising on Migration Law matters, such as Visa applications.


We begin with an initial consultation to understand the precise nature of your matter. Then, we provide the scope of the work – timeframe, professional fees, application costs and more. Thereafter, we work with you to complete your application and submit it to the relevant authority. We will handle correspondence with the relevant authorities (except in DIY services).


Together, we will share an obligation to communicate, remain transparent, and work diligently.


We cannot guarantee the success of any Visa matter (or any other legal matter) as the Department’s decisions can vary on any number of factors. What we can do is use our experience to guide you based on similar cases we have had success with in the past.



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